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What makes a Wedding official? The Exchange of Rings of course. The tradition of exchanging wedding rings is ages old and is being followed in most cultures across the globe with minute differences. However, before that comes “The Engagement Ring” with the “help of which” a nervous guy pops the question. Since we are not part of popping the question we get a chance to photograph it when we are doing the Engagement Session.

PhotosMadeEz loves using the various backgrounds and props available to focus the spotlight on the engagement ring in unique ways. The wide assortment of design, stones, cut, that we have seen for this piece of magnificent jewelry is amazing… and it would be shame if it wasn’t given the importance it deserves. PhotosMadeEz gave the diverse engagement rings pride of place not just on the bride-to-be’s ring finger, but also on a top of a saddle, on a bottle, lying on the wet sands at a beach, on a soft bed of petals or snow… and so many more multifarious setups!
Ring Ceremony is a preamble to Punjabi Weddings. The formal ceremonies actually start with an elaborate engagement party. The young couples deck up in gorgeous attires and exchange rings, taking their first steps towards sealing their promise to a beautiful life together. The soon to be bride and groom are not the only center attraction… they share a fair amount of the limelight with the engagement ring! These bright rings, apart from symbolizing the love-bond between the couple, also reflect the happiness of the two families for the upcoming event.

PhotosMadeEz has worked successfully to capture these moments in the most out-of-the-box ways possible depicting these rings as a unique prop. We hope you enjoy the engagement ring photographs as much as PhotosMadeEz did while shooting them.Check our Pinterst Board to see more Engagement Photos.

Enjoy the photos.