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Pooja-Dhaval's Engagement Session in Princeston by PhotosMadeEz

Hello from PhotosMadeEz, Where we Capture Smiles, One shot at a time.

Princeton is a very popular spot for Engagement photos because of the beautiful architecture it has to offer. Prior to this particular session, PhotosMadeEz has done multiple Engagement Shoots at Princeton University, NJ. One of our first was that of Dhara and Samir and even after so many years people still talk about it. Here is where the trick lies though... although you are shooting in the same location, you have to design the shoot based on the temperament of the couple. This Engagement Session had to be vastly different from the last one we did at the same location - Twinkle and Rohit's.

With the help of the wonderful couple PhotosMadeEz designed this Engagement Session adding the colorful Holi festival from the Indian culture. Pooja created the 70s look with polka dotted bellbottom pants and white frilled shirt, while her fiancée Dhaval sported blue jeans and a navy blue shirt with a white collar. The beautiful architecture also enhanced the "vintage" look. We got some amazing silhouettes.

After a quick change of clothes from a vintage look, they transformed into a "classy" couple. Pooja changed into a dress with the perfect accessories. But what they did afterwards was so out-of-the-box that it stopped the traffic of downtown Princeton. Donned in white clothing they chased one another on the streets of Princeton, crossing Rt. 27 in the middle of heavy traffic playing "Holi", an Indian festival where you throw colors at other people. Pursuing each other, they viciously rubbed the color on their "opponents" faces. It was almost a reenactment of the song "Balam Pichkari", only better. Remember those were actors there creating scenes without genuine love. Here love was sure in the air! Even bystanders looked on in awe in downtown Princeton. All in all, it was an extremely fun day in Princeton. Loved, loved, loved it! Was so happy when it was featured by Maharani Weddings. And now we at PhotosMadeEz can't wait to do the wedding.  Enjoy the Photos.

Pooja-Dhaval's Engagement Session in Princeston by PhotosMadeEz 2014/03/25 11:13

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